• Bookstore Hours -  7am - 3pm, Wednesday Closes at 1pm

          Bookstore accepts Cash, Check, Credit Card (except American Express).


    Online Purchases:  Must be purchased through the Student's account.  ALL DVUSD students already have accounts set up.  DO NOT CREATE GUEST  ACCOUNT.  

              User Name:  Student ID #  (ex. 565656)   Student ID # is also Lunch Account #

                Password:   Last Name   (ex. Smith)

     Website for online purchases:     https://az-deervalley.intouchreceipting.com/


         $100 District Athletic Fee CAN be paid online

         $100 District Athletic Fee CAN  be paid online

         $100 District Athletic Fee CAN  be paid online                                                                         


    Athletic Fee

    District Athletic Fee $100, per Sport, per Year.    District Athletic Fee can now be paid ONLINE.  Student Athlete Max Fee $200, per year.  Family Max $300, per year.   High School District Fee $100, 

    Tax Credit - District Athletic Fee is eligible for Tax Credit, complete the Arizona Tax Credit Donation Form 

    Tax Credit Donations are NON REFUNDABLE 

    Athletic Passes

    Student Pass - $30 purchased online, the link above.  Good for all BC Home Games, for the School Year, except for payoff games.  If purchased AFTER picture day, additional $5 will be charged at BC Bookstore to reprint ID 

    Family Pass - Punch Pass $65 for 20 entries to Home Athletic Games, during 23.24 Season,  Purchase online or in the Bookstore, Pick up Card in the Bookstore  Non-refundable, Not for Away Games, AIA Regional & State Events, Initational,

    Cat Camp   INCOMING Freshman & NEW Students - check the BC Home page for more details

    Jump Back Days  RETURNING BC Students - check the BC Home page for more details

    Parking 23-24 School Year  - Parking Applications Closed for Summer.  Parking Spots and Stickers will be issued to Students whom received Approval Email, during second week of school.  Information will be posted on BC Website, emailed, posted in PowerSchool announcements and announced during the morning announcements.  

    PE Uniform  Solid White Shirt & Solid Black Shorts.  Students have the option to provide their own or purchase here at the school.  Uniforms can be purchased online and picked up in the Bookstore.  Shirt $10   Shorts $15

    School Pictures - Purchase through Grads Photography,  ORDER HERE  ONLINE CODE IS YOUR STUDENT'S ID #  Pictures are taken during ELA class, during the Month of August.  Information is emailed home and posted on the BC Webstite - Home Page.  Pictures are distributed through ELA class, not the Bookstore.   SENIOR  YEARBOOK  PHOTOS  ARE  NOT  TAKEN  ON  CAMPUS.   Information will be posted on BC Website, emailed, posted in PowerSchool announcements and announced during the morning announcements.

    Seniors -- Information and Deadlines are Posted on the BC Home Page.  BC Graduation Contact:  Tracy.Wood@dvusd.org    Senior Tshirts - Sold through StuGo.     Senior Yearbook Ad   Information is posted on BC Website, emailed, posted in PowerSchool announcements, announced during the morning announcements and distributed during Government Classes.

    Student ID - Issued during Picture Day.  

        Athletic Pass - prints on Student ID

        Reprinted ID - $5 in the Bookstore

    Tax Credit

    Arizona taxpayers are eligible to receive credit on their Arizona State taxes for making a nonrefundable donation to a public school for an extracurricular activity.  Extracurricular Activities are defined as school sponsored, optional activities outside of the regular school day, that supplement the school's education program and may require enrolled student to pay a fee, in order to participate.  

    • Fees/Donations made from January 1 to April 15, may be applied to previous or current tax year
    • Payments to Booster Club or Parent Organizations are not eligible
    • $400 Max, state credit for Married  &  $200 Max, state credit for Single  ALL TAX CREDIT NON REFUNDABLE

    Donations can be made to Athletic Teams, Student Clubs and Programs.  

    Technology - iPad

    Every student is issued an iPad, inside a case with protective screen, given a new charging cord and cube.  (BC is not responsible for lost or stolen charging cubes and cords, left in classrooms) 

    Optional Device Protection Plan - $25, per school year, paid online, through the link above, on Student's Account.  DO NOT PURCHASE A PROTECTION PLAN ON GUEST ACCOUNTS

    iPad Help for BC -  see Mr. Pondy, Before & After School, During 6th and 7th period  

    Textbooks - Students are able to check out Textbooks, through the Bookstore. Many teachers have classroom sets, but students are able to check out through the Bookstore.  Make sure to return at the end of the year, to avoid being Fined.  


    iPad, case with protective screen, charger cord & cube.  iPads returned missing either the case with protective cover or the charger cord & cube, will be fined $40


    Available to purchase at Jostens.com  Yearbook Advisor  Rae-Anne Phillips   Rae-Anne.phillips@dvusd.org






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