• "Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling." - Bill Belichick
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    NEED HELP?!?!?!
    Tutoring Hours:
       M:   2:15-2:45 PM
       T:    2:15-2:45 PM
       W:   2:15-2:45 PM
       Th:  n/a
       F:    n/a
     *****Available unless at a meeting. Always ask me for aviability before making plans to come in early or stay after school!
  • Contact Information 
    Room: CC410
    Class Schedule: 
    P1: Algebra 1-2
    P2: Algebra 1-2
    P3: Algebra 1-2
    P4: Algebra 1-2
    P5: Lunch
    P6: Algebra 1-2
    P7: Power Training
    Mission Statement: As a coach, my biggest sense of accomplishment is the direct result of a student/athlete achieving at a high level. Being a teacher/coach is about opening doors for those who without you, didn't know existed.