• Our daily math time includes the following:

    Daily Common Core Review: This time serves as our warm up and review of skills previously taught.  It may include calendar time, math facts and benchmark skills.

    Guided Practice with the Teacher: Students will be taught a specific math concept using the Engage NY Math program.

    Stations: Students will rotate through the four stations listed below.

    Our four Math Stations:

    M - Math practice: During this time, students will show understanding of the given math concept.

    A - At your seat journals: We will also use math journals to write across the curriculum. We will use these journals for math vocabulary, Problem of the Day and problem-solving activities.

    T - Teacher's Group: This group meets with me to work on the topics we'll be discussing through the week or accelerating their math abilities.

    H - Hands on Learning: At this station, students play math practice games, flash cards, beat the  clock games, matching or go to websites to practice their basic math facts.