• Math Learning Goals  

    Unit 1 - Area and Surface Area

    Unit 2 - Introducing Ratios

    Unit 3 - Unit Ratios and Percentages

    Unit 4 - Dividing Fractions

    Unit 5 - Arithmetic in Base Ten

    Unit 6 - Expressions and Equations

    Unit 7 - Rational Numbers

    Unit 8 - Data Sets and Distributions

    Unit 9 - Putting It All Together


    AZ College and Career Readiness Standards for 6th grade


  • Science Learning Goals

    At Mirage we use the FOSS Science curriculum. The units we will be focusing on this year are Weather and Water and Diversity of Life. I find these units extremely fascinating and fun to teach. My goal is to pass on this passion to my students and encourage a sense of inquiry about the world around them. Science in 6th grade is primarily hands-on so success will be measured by how much responsibility the students take in their learning. The majority of the material the students will be responsible for will be kept in individual notebooks that are organized by the student.


    Science standards for grade 6