• Lion
      In our classroom we will practice PAWS expectations.  I beleive that if we are upholding these expectations and respecting ourselves, others and property, the rest will follow.     

    What to Expect...

    No student has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, teaching, and well being of others.
    Practicing Respect
    • Raising your hand
    • Listen for directions
    • Talk to others politely and acknowledge when you are spoken to
    • Make sure when your teacher is talking that you are not talking 
    Accepting Responsibility 
    • Be seated in the correct area
    • Turn in your complete work into the tray
    • Be prepared for school everyday
    • Take ownership for your actions 
    Working Together
    • Listen to others' ideas and comments
    • Value everyone's ideas and opinions even if they differ from your own
    • Working together we achieve greatness
    • Be an active participant in group activities and discussions
    Safety Matters
    •  Keep personal items off the floor
    • Your desk and folders are neat and papers are put away
    • Walk in the classroom
    • Make sure all food, gum, and drinks are left outside

    Accepting Responsibility

    • Complete all classwork on time
    • Complete all homework on time 
    • Regularly use problem solving strategies
    • Always do your best


    Practicing Respect and Accepting Responsibility

    *Come to class prepared with all the necessary materials.

    *Be in your seat and ready to begin class on time.

    *Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat unless the teacher gives other instructions.

    *Stay seated and do not talk when the teacher is talking. 

    *Head all of your in-class work and homework in the upper right-hand corner of your paper.  Your heading should include your first and last name and the date written out in full.

    Ericka Loyd
    October 31, 2018

    *When absent, get your assignments from the "Absent Folder", ask your classmates about the assignments and check the assignment board before consulting the teacher.  The teacher will be happy to help you if your classmates cannot answer your questions.  Just because you are absent, you are not excused from the work.

    *Use computers for class related work only.   

    *Students are expected to use the time provided before or after school and during lunch recess to use the bathroom.  However, if it is necessary to use the restroom during class time, you may only leave during individual class work time.  Students must be at their desk during all teaching instruction.  Permission must be given by the teacher in order to use the restroom during class time.  Please fill out the sign out sheet provided and make sure to sign back in when you return.  

    *Take the appropriate pass when you leave (i.e. bathroom pass or hall pass).  Your pass is your passport to other places on campus.

    *Gum is not allowed on campus. (Detentions will be issued for continued gum chewing.)

    *Water bottles are permitted in the classroom; however, students are not allowed to punch holes in their water bottles.  Water bottles may be taken away at the teacher’s discretion if the student’s use is distracting from the learning of the classroom.  No drinks other than water are permitted.       

    *Before leaving class, clean up your work area.