Register my athlete is a site that we will be using to clear students for participation in after school athletics. (We will no longer be accepting paper packets)

    In order for an athlete to be eligible for after school athletics, they must:

    1. Complete the enrollment forms at http://registermyathlete.com
    2. Upload the completed physical evaluation forms signed by a physician.  Form A and Form B
    3. Complete the Brainbook concussion course at https://aiaacademy.org/. A copy of the certificate must be uploaded to Registe My Athlete.

    Below we have provided you with some links to help you with the Register My Athlete process.


    Log-In for Register My Athlete

    Step-By-Step Directions on how to get started with Register My Athlete.


    Here are the directions to follow when completing the Register My Athlete process: 

    Register My Athlete:

    Sports packet completed/downloaded 100% on-line

    1. Go to www.registermyathlete.com 

    2. Click: create account

    3. Click: parent

    4. Click: start/complete registration (red boxes)

    5. Select: School

    6. Select: Athlete - add

    7. Select: year/sport

    8. Confirm and complete all forms (red boxes)

    1. Select school, select athlete, guardian info., insurance, medical info

    9. School Requirements

    10. Parent and athlete e-sign

    11. Upload physical (PDF or JPEG).  If you take a picture you MUST use the 

         Google Chrome app on a mobile device - and add the documents.

    12. You will get message: “Pending School Approval”  - AD will check and approve.