In our classroom we live out our Harmony goals on a daily basis. The classroom is a warm and safe place to learn where all students feel welcomed. Not only do we learn in a welcoming environment we have do classroom economy. 
    Classroom Economy ~ How It All Works
    When the students enter the room, they begin to earn classroom cash for performing their job as a student. Just as I earn money to teach (although I do love it, I also get compensated for it), the students earn money for getting to school on time, turning in homework, being on task, and performing classroom jobs. They also earn money for proper behavior (in the form of getting Paw-some awards, etc...). In turn, students will also lose money for being off task or neglecting their student duties.
    How do the students know how much money they have?
    As the students earn money throughout the day, their credits and debits are recorded in their check book. At the beginning of the year, we spend a few math periods going over the ins and outs of the checkbook and how to balance them biweekly.
    It's Pay Day!
    The students receive their pay biweekly on Fridays. At the end of the month, they balance their checkbook and go to the bank. 
    Classroom Jobs
    The main way students earn classroom cash is by performing Classroom Jobs. There are many different jobs in class, all of which are designed to help the class run more smoothly. Students keep their job for a full month and complete a job application to let the boss know what type of job they are wanting. The salaries earned biweekly for the jobs depend upon the difficulty and responsibilities of the duty itself.
    What Is the Money Used For?
    Just as in real life, there are debts to be paid in the classroom. Students must "pay" each month to rent their desk space. They also pay a medical co-pay when needing assistance from the nurse. They are provided with class materials at the start of the year and must use their money to purchase replacement items when needed.
    Once a quarter, students visit our classroom store. They can use their money to purchase items within the store. At the end of the year, students participate in an auction with their remaining money.
    At times, students may be fined for inappropriate behavior. Students who do not turn in their homework, are misbehaving, or are generally off task, must pay. Students who wish to use the bathroom during instructional time must also pay.