• Here are the classroom rules and expectations for the classroom.


    Our school rules are the following:

    • Respectful
    • Responsible
    • Safe
    • Ready to Learn


    Classroom Expectations:
    • Follow directions immediately
    • Arrive in classroom with all materials
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
    • Work during all work times


     Classroom Consequences:     
    • Verbal Warning
    • Think Sheet
    • Lunch Detention and/or Call Home
    Agendas need to be signed EVERYNIGHTI will be checking agendas every morning to make sure they are signed. There might be times when I will write notes to you as the parent or have papers for you to sign. It is VERY important that you look at agendas every night. 
    Math homework will be assigned every Monday and due every Friday. It will be 1 double-sided page, and they have all week to finish it. Occasionally, I will assign additional homework and it will be written in their student agendas.