• Behavior

    Wfollow four simple rules:

    1. Be respectful
    2. Be responsible
    3. Be safe
    4. Be ready to learn

    These are the rules that students are expected to follow not only in the classroom, but throughout the rest of campus. Students that are seen following these rules will be rewarded, and students seen breaking these rules will be given consequences. In our classrooms, the following steps will be taken when a student is seen not adhering to the school rules:

    1. First Warning: Student is given a verbal warning.
    2. Second Warning:  Student moves to refocus to fill out a behavior reflection sheet. Behavior reflection sheet will be signed by the student, teacher, and guardian and returned to school the next day.
    3. Third Warning: Phone call home or he/she receives a lunch detention.

    Any further consequences will result in parent contact and potential office referral.

    Whole Class – As a whole class, students can earn rewards as well. Daily in each classroom students will play “Students vs. Teacher” with one simple goal: Beat the teacher!! In order to beat the teacher, the whole class needs to consistently display classy behavior. When the students win, each student will receive a Viking Voucher for the day!



    Category Weights:










    Late Homework – Students will have a two day grace period, after it will not be accepted. If not turned in, will be marked as missing and scored a zero in the gradebook. If turned in within the two day grace period, will be marked as late in the gradebook.

    Classwork - Graded for quality, if done with fidelity, students will not receive a score less than 50%. Incomplete class work will be marked as a zero in the gradebook.

    Tests/Quizzes – Tests and quizzes will be given on a frequent basis in each of the classrooms. Students are expected to study material prior to tests and quizzes to be prepared. Retakes will be given for students scoring below a 70%. Student must self-prepare for test with guardian signature to confirm active preparation at home. Students will have three days to prepare and test. Test/quiz scores will be entered into gradebook as no less than 50%.

    If there is any other information that you wish to know, please feel free to contact us. With your support, your student will have an amazing year. We are looking forward to working with you and your student to ensure that we have a very successful year in fourth grade!