•  Mr. Randolph's Engineering Classroom

    Principals of Engineering Design:

    Principals of Engineering Design (POE) is a continuation of Introduction to Engineering (IED). The major focus of this course is to expose students to some of the major concepts that they will encounter in a postsecondary engineering course of study. Students have an opportunity to investigate engineering and high tech career POE gives students the opportunity to develop skills and understanding of course concepts through activity-, project-, and problem-based (APPB) learning. They will be introduced to des subjects such as statics, simple machines, electricity, and Programming in a hands on way. Used in combination with a teaming approach, APPB learning challenges students to continually hone their interpersonal skills, creative abilities, and problem solving skills based upon engineering concepts. It also allows students to develop strategies to enable and direct their own learning, which is the ultimate goal of education. 



    Engineering SyllabusClick Here