Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis on Mathematics from Arizona State University.

Mr. Nickolaus Jopp

I am an Arizona native, and graduated from Greenway High School and Arizona State University. I have been a teacher at Barry Goldwater High School since 2016. 

This summer I am teaching Geometry 2 for DVUSD Pathways. I am excited to see what this opportunity brings. Pathways starts Tuesday, May 31 at 3:45. Classes for Block B start at 3:45 and run until 7:15, Monday through Friday. The last day of the program is June 24.

Geometry 2 covers the following broad concepts:

1) Similarity

2) Trigonometry

3) Geometric Measurement and Dimension

4) Circles

We will spend approximately one week on each concept, or approximately 15 hours. Any Geometry 1 concepts that are necessary for understanding will be discussed as well. 

  • Students who are successful:

     - Come to class on time.

     - Come to class prepared to learn.

     - Are ready to embrace new challenges.

     - Complete practice and ask for feedback about how to improve.

  • Students will:

     - Be on time.

     - Use technology appropriately.

     - Complete all practice as assigned.

     - Use in-class time to learn.

  • Hello,

    I am Nickolaus Jopp. I am excited about the opportunity to show your students many concepts in Geometry. We will focus on the following: similarity, trigonometry, measure and dimension, and circles.

    My plan is to have students complete practice in-class and to not assign homework. We will be testing weekly for me to assess student growth and learning.In order to facilitate these two tasks, students will need to bring their chromebook or iPad with them charged, along with a pen or pencil.

    I will communicate primarily through canvas. As such, please use the instructions here to create your parent account linked to your student.

    I hope to have a great summer experience!

     - Jopp