DVUSD AdvancED Accreditation

  • AdvancED is a nonprofit, accreditation organization that conducts external reviews of Pre-K-12 schools and school systems, with the goal of evaluating, verifying, and improving school quality.  AdvancED accreditation is the recognition that systems meet high quality standards, engage in continuous improvement, and produce quality results.  In 2013, DVUSD received system-wide accreditation.  As part of the accreditation process, the AdvancED External Review Team identified powerful practices and improvement priorities. DVUSD addressed the recommendations through targeted action steps aligned to the key strategic objectives within the 2013-2018 DVUSD Strategic Plan and the 2018-2023 Blueprint to #Extraordinary.  Read about the powerful practices, improvement priorities, and DVUSD actions here.

    DVUSD successfully completed the AdvancED Systems five-year reaccreditation during the 2018 school year. For 2018-2023, our next steps include:

    • Developing and implementing plans to address the Improvement Priorities identifed by the Engagment Review Team.
    • Use the findings and data from the report to strengthen our continuous improvement efforts.
    • Continue to use AdvancED eProve and eleot online platforms until next reaccreditation in 2023.

    Please see AdvancED Frequently Asked Questions. 

  • DVUSD AdvancED Work Team

    Purpose of Team: The AdvancED work team will guide and support all employees through a holistic journey of continuous improvement in which accreditation is aligned with accountability and places appropriate emphasis on the importance of student outcomes. The team will communicate and provide ongoing support deploying surveys, analyzing feedback provided, writing an executive summary, and verifying that across systems all schools and departments meet accreditation standards.

    Team Requirements: The AdvancED 2016-2017 work team consists of administrators, certified and classified employees and membership is held to 35 participants to maximize engagement. Membership will be selected from the volunteers comprised of each region to fill the vacant position not to exceed 35 participants. 4:00-6:00 pm GBR West: 9/7, 10/26, 1/11, 2/15, 3/29, 4/26 and 5/10.

    Team Meeting Information: