• Hillam's ELA 3-4, ELA 3-4H, and Yearbook
    ELA 3-4 is a rigorous course that encompasses reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language skills in preparation for high school. Students will be expected to analyze and respond to various texts and literature. They will be challenged to think critically and encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions in various ways including writing, speaking, and projects. This course is aligned with the Arizona College and Career Readiness standards.The 3-4 Honors course follows the MYP course expectations of Analyzing, Organizing, Producing Text, and Language. While students are working in this program they are challenged to become true global citizens and think in new and specific ways about literature, communication, and their place in the world. Both regular and Honor students will complete a personal project that is a fun and complex process that begins with a goal and ends with a fantastic presentation night.
    Yearbook students are given the opportunity and responsibility of creating the content of the book with student editors, section leaders, and individual responsibility for each class member. Photography, journalism, graphic art, and leadership are at the core of our work.
    Students should really be growing as they develop personal responsibility for their learning. I want you to be good citizens in class and out. Come prepared every day to do your best, ask questions, and respect learning. It's gonna be a great year. Excuse Limit: 0.