• Instructor Kathleen Szczepaniak, MA.Ed.

    Room 304

    School Phone 602-467-6843

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    Course Description:

    This course will explore many topics about Economics; as well as your own experiences with Personal Finance. This course is a requirement for graduation. 


    This course is aligned with the Arizona State Standards which include the Common Core State Standards.


    Course Goals & Objectives:

    By the time the students complete this course of study they will know or be able to:

    • Demonstrate an understanding of basic economic terminology, concepts, and ideas.
    • Use thinking an mathematics skills and perspectives to explain the past, present, and future of economics.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of how individual choices have a profound impact on personal, local, state, national, and international economies.
    • Develop study skills, group skills, organizational skills, and problem solving.


    Units of Study Include:

    Unit 1: Foundations of Economics

    The foundations of economics are the application of basic economic concepts and decision-making skills. This includes scarcity and the different methods of allocation of goods and services.

    Unit  2: Microeconomics

    Microeconomics examines the costs and benefits of economic choices relating to individuals, markets and industries, and governmental policies.

    Unit 3: Macroeconomics

    Macroeconomics examines the costs and benefits of economic choices made at a societal level and how those choices affect overall economic well being.

    Unit 4: Global Economics

    Patterns of global interaction and economic development vary due to different economic systems and institutions that exist throughout the world.

    Unit 5: Personal Finance

    • Decision-making skills foster a person’s individual standard of living. Using information wisely leads to better-informed decisions as consumers, workers, investors and effective participants in society.


    Course Materials:

     It is recommended that you come to class with the following materials every day:

    2 or 3 inch ring binder

    Loose leaf notebook paper

    Blue or black pen or pencil

    Folder with pockets


    Online Computer & Internet Access

    Bring a fully charged ipad!!


    Classroom/Course Expectations:

    Ø  Always be respectful and considerate of other people’s feelings and rights.

    Ø  Always come to class prepared and ready to work.

    Ø  Always give every task your best effort.

    Ø  Return all materials to the proper location at the end of each class.

    Ø  Pick up all trash and put it in the trashcan.

    Attend Zoom Meetings, as scheduled.


    Electronic Devices:  Many students want to have the privilege of carrying electronic devices on campus. With that privilege comes the responsibility of ensuring that those items are not used on campus during class or on a bus. If students are found listening to music or texting in class or otherwise not fully engaged in learning, verbal warnings will be issued and written referrals for disruption of the educational process.  Misuse of electronic devices may result in disciplinary procedures in addition to the warnings and referrals.


    ID Card:  Student must visibly wear I.D. card at all times while on campus or at any school activity for the safety and security of all students.



    Consequences for not following the above guidelines may include the following:

    Parental contact

    * Detention before and after school

    Immediate removal from class

    *  Referral to the conduct office


    Grading: Miss Szczepaniak will have grades updated each Thursday by 12 noon as reflected on Powerschools. Please check your student/Parent Log-in often.


    Grading Scale

    A         90-100%

    B          80-89%

    C          70-79%

    D         60-69%

    F          0-59%


    Summative        40%

    Formative          40%

    Final Exam        20%


    Final course grades are computed as 80% equaling the coursework done throughout the semester and 20% equaling the final exam portion of the grade.


    Test Retakes

    Students may retake quizzes and tests under the following circumstances:

    Reassessments are permitted for full credit earned, ONLY if all missing assignments are submitted. (See Late wok policy for more information.)This retake policy does not apply to District or teacher created semester exams.

    This retake policy does not apply to District or teacher created semester exams.



    If a student is absent from class it is their responsibility to obtain the materials they missed upon their return to class. Any student who is swept and wants credit for an assignment that is due must turn in missed work into the teacher the same day as sweep. It is the responsibility of the student to get any assigned material on the same day as sweep and turned in on the assigned due date. If a student is absent or swept on the day they are to present to class, they will forfit the opportunity to earn credit for the presentation.


    Make-up Policy:

     Work missed due to an excused absence can be made up for points. Work missed due to an unexcused absence cannot be made up and will receive a score of zero - no exceptions. Deer Valley policy will be followed - work assigned before an absence is due when you return and work assigned during an absence will be due based on the number of days absent. Tests missed due to absence will be taken on the day the student returns from the absence, during class time. Exceptions will be made only for excused, extended absences.

    To facilitate this, the teacher will enter a zero for missing assignments. Students have until the unit assessment is due to submit all late work to earn credit. After the unit assessment is given, late work can be turned in to earn a score of one point. This single point is to remove the zero from the grade, thus allowing test retakes and make ups after the deadline. Students may retake assessments to increase their grades until December 8.

    Presentations missed due to excused absences will be made up in the form of an alternate written assignment to be completed outside class time. Projects and presentations are absolutely due on the assigned date unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. Scroll assignment is due on multiple days and is due on the day of each unit assessment.



    Cases of cheating and plagiarism will be handled on an individual basis at the teacher’s discretion in accordance with the DVHS student handbook. While there are different ways to cheat or plagiarize, please be aware that activities such as sharing material, copying work, and posting information on the web are considered cheating. Those who give or receive answers will be held responsible for cheating.

    For some of the basic class assignments please visit the website https://sites.google.com/site/9szczepaniak/