Extra Credit Assignments:

    Each Student can submit one extra credit assignment per quarter from the options below. Maximum points:15. There are two options. I will be adding more options as the year goes by. 

    1. Make a rap or documentary on any of the topics that you learned in Social Studies Class this year. Record it and bring it on a flash drive or email it to me. You can do it as a group or as an individual assignment. If it is a group assignment, all the members of the group will get points depending on the quality of the work

     2.“Today's News, Tomorrow's History”

    Purpose: History tells us what happened in the past. I would also like my students to be aware of the current events around the country and the world. This will also sharpen their writing skills.

    Prompt:  Find an event in the last two weeks that is significant enough to be in the national or international news. Paraphrase this in your own words, and attach a picture to it. 


    • The paraphrased paper should be typed and have a minimum of 250 words
    • It must be original and not plagiarized
    • It should contain a picture, title, paraphrased article, and citation, and take up no more than one page
    • It must follow proper grammar rules and be well written
    • Quotes may be included, but will not count toward your 250 words

    How to Submit it

    1. Find an event around the world in the last two weeks that seem important to you
    2. Find a reliable source for your information
    3. Type your paraphrased article
    4. Go to paperrater.com, paste your article there and check for plagiarism. (Here is a link to it.https://www.paperrater.com/plagiarism_checker)
    5. Once your paper has been proofread by paperrater, make any corrections necessary. This could include, but is not limited to, grammar or spelling errors, or changing any plagiarism present (It doesn’t have to appear 100% original, but paperrater should give you at least above a 70% for your score)
    6. When you are satisfied with your paper, click “printable summary report” to print out the report. 
    7. Format your paraphrased article and make it look good, ensuring it meets all requirements
    8. Print it out, write your name, the date, and the period on the back of the paper and submit it to me with the paperrater report

    This assignment can be done once a quarter with different events. The best part is, there is nothing to lose if you try. The best ones will be published on the bulletin board!