Preschool Handbook 
    Here you will find the DVUSD Developmental Preschool Handbook. This document contains extensive information on the developmental preschool program, mission statement, procedures, regulations, etc. 
    Emergency Information Cards-
     We MUST have an emergency card for every student. You can print one here, fill it out and bring in, or send, with your child on the first day. Hard copies are available in the classroom as well. Every item must be filled out completely. Please refrain from writing "See above" or "Same" etc.  Be advised, that only persons listed on this Emergency Card will be allowed to pick up your child. If you think there is a chance someone will have to pick up your child at some point, it is better to list them here to avoid future issues. They will have to bring picture ID to pick up the student. If the school nurse has a copy of your most recent immunization records you can check the box that says "Copy of current official documented immunization record attached", and I will get a copy from the school nurse. If not, you will need to provide either the records or an exemption form (if applicable).