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    General supplies to be used in every class:
    -sturdy backpack            -pencils with erasers         -black or blue pens       -red pens       
    -dry eraser markers        -ruler (with metric side)    -highlighter                  -colored pencils
    -lined notebook paper     -glue sticks                      -Scotch tape                 -pencil pouch or case
    The following is a list of supplies for my 7th grade math class.  The items are the same as other 7th and 8th grade math classes:
    -Binder (1inch or 1.5 inches)    -composition notebook        -graph paper          
    -calculator (optional but highly recommended)
    Please DO NOT bring these items to school:
    -white out       -scissors        -staplers         -gel pens         -permanent markers (Sharpie)
    *Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. This list represents optional, supplementary items which you may supply, at your discretion. If you have questions, feel free to contact the school.