• ELA Curriculum

    English Language Arts includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and literature, and language (sentencing and grammar). Most units of study will include all of these as well as Fine Arts.

    All ELA work is based on AZ state standards.

    DVUSD breaks the most essential standards into our 4 calendar quarters:

    First Quarter Essential Standards include all things Narrative - story, poems, myths, theme, point of view  

    Second Quarter Essential Standards include all things Informational - articles, research, credible sources, central idea, and supporting evidence, Intro Citation Evidence and Explanation paragraphs and language

    Third Quarter Essential Standards include all things Argumentative - articles, research, counterarguments, generalization, and sound reasoning AND all things Literary Analysis - Literary Devices and language

    Fourth Quarter Essential Standards combine all of the above

    Students work with articles, short stories and texts to develop critical reading skills such as sequencing, summarizing, compare and contrast, fact and opinion, and cause and effect and ELA content such as poetry elements of literature, author style and viewpoint, and literature language. In addition, students participate in several Socratic Discussions where they practice active listening and speaking skills. Students will work extensively in both explanatory and argumentative writing. All grammar and sentencing work is completed within ELA units. Students also write, memorize and recite quotes and poems. Finally, students will work with words and improve their vocabulary using Membean, a comprehensive vocabulary site that I can't praise enough!



Last Modified on July 30, 2022