• Students are greeted at the door with "Come in and begin." The doorway frames access to an academic center where students immediately start thinking about their learning with a "Do Now" activity to engage academic focus.
    • Students are expected to write the CLO (Content Learning Objective) for each day in their planner so that they know what the academic focus is for each day of learning, and also so that parents may check in with their scholar to know what is being taught. The curriculum is developed as Standards Based lessons taught in mini-lesson format to support ELA reading and writing.
    • Students practice active listening skills with each other and during lessons. Students formulate verbal responses with Accountable Talk to each other in small group discourse, and also individually when called upon for whole group discussion.
    • Students are expected to ALWAYS have a book to read so that they may increase reading fluency and Lexile scores.
    • 7th ELA is a 1:1 classroom, which allows students access to their own assigned Chromebook for class assignments. Expectations with this privilege are in place to ensure a safe digital platform for learning. 


    THREE spiral notebooks of 70 pages (minimum, can be more)

    5 Pocket folders that are 3-hole punched (5 different colors)

    Personal earbuds/headphones

    1-bottle of white school glue - (Elmer's type)

    Regular #2 pencils

    Colored pencils

    Highlighters (several different colors)