• Dear Parents/Guardians and new 5th graders,                                                                                                  
    We are so excited to be starting another school year!  We are thrilled to have the privilege of sharing this year with your child.  We strongly believe that together, “WE are the world’s BEST class!”  We have listed some of the goals and expectations for our classes.  We expect much from our students, this includes good work habits and appropriate behavior.  The major expectations for our students  - - -
                *  To RESPECT themselves and their classmates at all times.
                *  To be RESPONSIBLE for themselves, their actions, and their work.
    In all fifth grade classes, it is required that each student respect others and their right to learn.  Fifth grade will be using an approach to discipline based on Jim Fay’s philosophy of “Love and Logic.”
    The principles of Love and Logic are based on the following TEACHER guidelines:
    ·         I will treat students with dignity and respect at all times.
    ·         I will guide students to OWN and SOLVE their own problems.
    ·         I will advise students to make decisions and then live with the consequences.
    ·         I will use logical consequences instead of punishment when possible.
    ·         I will treat the problem behavior as an opportunity for the student to grow.
    The principles of Love and Logic are based on the following STUDENT guidelines:
    ·         I will not cause a problem for myself or others.
    A verbal warning will always be issued first to re-direct the student.  If for some reason, students are not able to come up with a solution on their own, the following consequences may be implemented by their teacher:
    STEP ONE:  Written warning ~ formal PBIS email will be sent to parents.                      
    STEP TWO:  Lunch detention in ISS room ~ formal PBIS email will be sent to parents.
    STEP THREE:  Multiple detentions and/or suspension (dependant upon severity of infraction) to be determined by administration. 
     **  There are some behaviors in which an automatic office referral is given, the principal may implement one or more of the following for consequences
    ·         Parent/guardian notification/conference
    ·         Multiple detentions
    ·         In-school suspension
    ·         Off campus suspension
    ·         Expulsion
    BEAR BUCKS:  Positive behavior will be rewarded in the form of Bear Bucks.  “Bear Bucks” can be earned in various ways.  Some of the ways in which students can earn bucks are as follows: A compliment from another staff member, being a Bucket Filler, acting with integrity, etc.  Students can also lose "bear bucks" or the opportunity to visit the Bear Cart for infractions both in and out of the classroom. For example, excessive talking, inappropriate behavior toward others, and/or classroom disruptions are all things that could carry a consequence. 
    First and last name, along with the the date should always be written in the upper right hand corner of every assignment.  
    NEATNESS COUNTS!!   Any assignment that is sloppy or crumpled will be given back to the student and they will be asked to REDO the assignment.  Assignments should be done on a whole piece of white lined notebook paper.  Please do not use paper from a spiral notebook.  Plenty of notebook paper is available in the classroom. 
    Daily homework assignments must be done in pencil.  Any assignments turned in written in ink will not be accepted.  
    All daily assignments can be found under teacher lesson plans on our website.  Students have the option to write each assignment in their calendar, or rely on the online planbook.  Time will always be given in class to write down daily assignments.  If we begin to see a pattern develop in which kids are routinely not turning in assignments, we will request that the parent purchase a daily planner to be signed by each teacher and parent.  The parent signature indicates that the parent is aware of the assignments.  It does NOT mean that the parent has checked all of the work for accuracy; however, it does provide the opportunity for parents to check that all homework has been completed.  Time may be provided during the school day for students to work on homework assignments.  Students can expect a small amount of homework every Monday through Thursday.  If they are struggling with an assignment, it is suggested that they first contact a friend in class.  If neither the friend nor you are able to clarify the assignment, please jot me a note for further explanation.  We will work with the student to ensure understanding, and get the assignment in on time.
    Assignments must be completed and turned in at the beginning of the class on the due date.  Students will be given 3 opportunities to submit LATE work per quarter for full credit. After that, any late work will receive a ZERO. Any assignment turned in without a name will go in the "NO NAME" basket and will receive a zero, until claimed. Late work will only be accepted up to one week after the assignment is due.  Late assignments will be graded at the teacher's convenience. 
    Attendance Make-UP Work
    Regular attendance is vitally important to your child’s success in school.  Please check your Parent Handbook for the procedures for reporting an absence, requesting homework, tardy arrivals, and early pick-up.  After being absent, it is the student’s responsibility to get missed assignments.  Detailed lesson plans, along with supporting materials, are available on our website and on Planbook, by teacher name.  Students will have two days to make up work for every day they were absent.  Students will be held responsible for all long-term assignments.
    All students are responsible for and bringing home their graded work regularly.  It is a good idea to save all of your work for the quarter.  In an effort to conserve paper, progress reports are no longer printed for students.  Grades can be checked daily using Power Schools.  Please see the front office to pick up your password for your child. 
    Parents are ALWAYS welcome to visit the classroom.  Please check with me first so that we may set up a day and time that will be the least disruptive to the children.  You will need to be sure to sign in at the office on the day of your visit and obtain a visitor’s pass.
    Cell Phones & Personal Technology:
    While cell phones are permitted on campus, we ask that students DO NOT bring their phones out during class time, unless the teacher has directed the students to do so.  Due to loss of academic time spent sorting out technology issues after lunch,  the 5th grade requests that no technology accompany your child to specials or lunch.  Students will have an opportunity to check their phone during the day,  in the event that you need to get them information, however, we ask that you respect our no phones at recess policy.  
    Skateboards & Scooters:
    Students will no longer be able to "park" their scooters and skateboards in the office.  If this is your child's only mode of transportation, it must be locked in the bike rack with the bikes.
    These will be sent home once a month and an order will be placed if there are enough orders returned.  This is a great way to get good books at a fairly inexpensive price.  Checks must be made out to the individual Book Club...NO CASH PLEASE.

    First Time Ordering Online?

    • Go to scholastic.com/readingclub
    • Enter our one-time Class Activation Code. HFBY3
    • Shop and submit your child's book order.
    • Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom.
    The children may bring birthday treats if they wish.  Please let us know ahead of time so that we may plan accordingly.  To keep all of our students with peanut allergies safe, we ask that you please refrain from sending items in that contain peanuts.

    Field Trips:

    Fifth grade will be going to Prescott Pines, February 12-14th. If you would like to chaperon for the 3 day trip, parents MUST obtain their volunteer training through the district and also get their Level 3 Fingerprint Clearance Card prior to the trip. This is MANDATORY=)

    We have scheduled parties for Winter Break and Valentine’s Day.  There may be other occasions throughout the year where we may also celebrate.  If you celebrate a particular holiday and would like to share information on it during that special time, please let me know.  This allows us to learn so much more about others.  If there are any holidays or activities that you would prefer your child not participate in, please let me know so that I may accommodate your wishes. This year we are going to try "Tailgating".  Students will get to break into groups with friends and decide what treats they would like to bring and share with those in their group! 
    School lunches are $2.80 per meal. Breakfast is $1.50. Checks should be made payable to Highland Lakes and your child's student ID number should also be included on the check.  Checks can be dropped off at the cafeteria every day before school or sent to class with the student. You can also pay online at: http://www.ezschoolpay.com. This site can also be reached from our home page.
    Grades are determined by a combination of homework, test scores, projects, daily assignments, and participation.  Grades will be weighted in each classroom.  30% of a student's final grade is based on their homework/classwork, while the remaining 70% will be made up of quizzes, tests, and long term projects.
                Scale:   A   90% - 100%
                            B   80% - 89%
                            C   70% - 79%
                            D   60% - 69%
                            F   59% or below