What We're Learning!!


    Quarter 1


    Sept. 16-20

    Kinder and 1st grade students will put their rhythm skills to the test with Rhythm Bingo.  2nd graders will perform their half note composition.  3rd graders will continue working on their 3/4 Meter cup composition.  4th-6th graders will begin composing their original cup song using rhythms they've learned.

    Sept. 9-13

    Students in K and 1st grades will continue creating, singing and playing with Ta and TiTi and add the quarter rest to their skill set.  2nd graders will add the half note to their skill set and compose and play using all rhythms learned.  3rd graders will learn a rhythmic cup song and begin creating their own in small groups.  4th-6th graders will perform their rhythm composition from last week.

    Sept. 3-6

    This week, all grades will learn new rhythms to add to their skill set. They will identify, read, sing, compose and play using all rhythms learned.

    Aug. 26-30

    All grades will continue identifying, reading, singing, composing and playing with rhythms.

    Aug. 19-23

    Students in all grades will begin learning to identify, read, sing, play and notate rhythms.

    Aug. 12-16

    Students in 1st-6th grades will finish and perform their song for Kinder students.  Students in Kindergarten practice keeping a steady beat with movement and instruments.

    Aug. 7-9

    Welcome back!  This week, students in grades 1st-6th will reveiw all classroom rules and procedures and work in groups to create a "Welcome to Music" song that Kinder students will sing daily for the first quarter!  Kinder students will learn classroom rules and procedures and echo teacher movements, learn rhythm stick rules and and use those skills while listening to musical selections. Chorus sign-ups for grades 4-6 will be given out to those students who express interest.