•  The 4 major areas in 7th Grade Math  include:

    1.) Proportional Reasoning:
    -Develop an understanding of proportional relationships
    -Solve problems involving tax, tip, discount, percent increase and decrease
    -Apply proportional reasoning to solve problems including scale drawings

    2.) Number Sense:
     -Interpret and explain rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers. -Simplify expressions
    -Solve equations
    -Understand that decimals, fractions and percents are different representations of rational numbers

    3.) Geometry:
    -Finding the area and circumference of a circle
    -Calculating surface area of 3D objects
    -Solve real world problems involving area and volume

    4.) Statistics
    -Compare two data distributions
    -Begin work with random sampling

    For a specific outline of the 7th grade common core state standards, go to this website: