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    Here you'll get an overview of your Spanish class & a little information about me, Señorita B!
    As always, if you have any questions, send me a message in Canvas or an email: emily.burden@dvusd.org
    What do I need?
    Here's what I recommend you have for your Spanish Class:
    >> Charged I-Pad (Used daily)
    >> Pencils (Used daily)
    >> Lined Paper / Notebook (Used weekly)
    >> Expo Whiteboard Marker (Used weekly)
    Spanish 3-4
    This course expands and refines vocabulary, language structure, and knowledge of Spanish cultures.
    Students should expect to communicate in conversation and written expression. 
    My classes use Canvas for a variety of assignments including homework, quizzes, & tests. I recommend that parents / gaurdians not only utilize PowerSchools to keep track of their student's progress, but to also use Canvas. Parents/gaurdians are able to be 'observers' of their student to track progress.
    Tutoring / Office Hours
    Before school on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
    During ACA-Prep on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
    More Information in Canvas > Announcements.
      El horario de Señorita B (2022 - 2023)  Frida
                 Hora 1   Español 3-4 
                 Hora 2   Español 3-4 
                 Hora 3   Español 3-4
                 Hora 4   Español 3-4
                 Hora 5 - almuerzo 
                 Hora 6   Español 3-4 H
                 Hora 7   Español 3-4 H