•  7th Renaissance Qtr 1 Astronomy

    Student objectives for this quarter include; 
    ID common lab tools of science.   
    Identify the safety procedures one would use for a given scientific tool.
    Using proper tools and attire and safety procedures, students will find the density of a given object.
    Identify and form testable questions.  
    Identify the reason for a hypothesis. 
    Identify and form testable hypotheses.
    Identify and Graphing variables.  
    Identify individuals and their contributions to astronomy (Describe how science, engineering and technology are interrelated). 
    Identify the cause of earth's Seasons. 
    Explain the relationship between earth's tilt and seasons.  
    Identify latitudes as they relate to angles of solar incidence.
    Identify positions of the earth and sun related to angles of incidence that result in seasons while correctly modeling the motions of the Earth's orbital path along the ecliptic plane.
    Describe the difference between an umbra and a penumbra? and give an example of each.
    Describe the relative positions of the earth, moon, and sun that create tides, e.g., spring and neap while modeling the motions of the earth, moon and sun.
    Describe the relative positions of the  earth, moon, and sun during lunar and solar eclipses while correctly modeling the Earth's orbital path along the ecliptic plane and simultaneously modeling the moons crossing of the ecliptic plane correctly.
    Identify constellations ; Ursa Major, Orion, Scorpius, Cygnus, Cassiopeia
    Identify constellations and the seasons when visible in Arizona.
    Explain while correctly modeling why some are seen only in one season and not another.