HEALTH CENTER!                  

    Nurse Jen Laird
    email: jen.laird@dvusd.org
    Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:45AM-3:00PM
    For any questions or concerns, please contact me at 602-467-5310 or by email.


    The mission of the School Nurse is to ensure that students learn and practice healthy habits to advance their well being, academic success, and lifelong achievement.

     I consider it a privilege to serve the students, staff and parents of Mirage, and I encourage you to let me know any information that will help me provide the best care possible for your child. The Health Center is located in the Administration Building next to the main office. 

    Learning Goals:
    1.  Each student will recognize when to report illness and/or injury to the School Nurse to facilitate optimal treatment and recovery.
    2.  Each student will demonstrate effective germ-killing procedure when washing hands.
    The Health Office provides on-campus health screenings, assessment, and education as well as first-aid and nursing care for students and staff. The Health Office is not a primary care facility like a doctor's office. By law, the nurse is not allowed to make a medical diagnosis or prescribe treatment. The nurse is qualified to collaborate with youand your child's physician to provide an educational environment in which your child can learn and thrive. The nurse can provide treatments and give medications as prescribed by a physician with a doctor's order. When accidents or illness occur during school hours, basic first-aid and/or emergency care will be given according to AZ State Board of Nursing standards and practices. The nurse may suggest further medical follow up in certain circumstances.  Further care is the responsibility of the parents.  
    Please tell your child if they are not feeling well at school to ask to see me for an evaluation.  Cell phones are not to be used during school hours and if your child should call you on his/her phone complaining of illness, please tell him/her to check in with me.  This allows for an evaluation and documentation of the visit, and if the student is sent home it will then count as an excused absence.  Students signed out for illness who have not been seen by the nurse will be noted as a personal unexcused absence.
    Emergency Sheets (Pink Sheets)
    All parents must complete a Student Health and Release Information sheet for each of their students every year. This sheet will tell us how to contact you or another responsible adult in the event your child becomes ill or is injured at school. Students will be released early due to illness or personal reasons only to those persons listed on the Health and Release Information sheet. Identification will be required of anyone picking up a student early from school. Please inform the school immediately if any changes in contact information (phone numbers, addresses) need to be made.