• 4th Grade Essential Learnings

    Quarter 1:  

    1. Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm

    2. Understand place value of multi-digit whole numbers

    3. Compare multi-digit whole numbers using place value

    4. Round multi-digit whole numbers to the millions place

    5. Solve addition and subtraction word problems


     Quarter 2: 

    1. Multiply up to Four Digits by a Single-Digit Number

    2. Division of Tens and Ones with Successive Remainders

    3. Division of Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, and Ones

    4. Multiplication of Two-Digit by Two-Digit Numbers

    5.  Multiplication Word Problems


     Quarter 3

    1. Given the measurement of an angle, solve for a missing angle.

    2. Decompose and find fraction equivalence using multiplication and division

    3. Decipher and compare fractions

    4. Perform addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators

    5. Extend fraction equivalence to mixed numbers (fractions greater than one)


    Quarter 4

    1. Use the appropriate operation (add, subtract, multiply or divide) to solve a math story problem

    2. Solve two-step story problems

    3. Make conversions with units of measure