• Engage NY/Eureeka 

                          Module 4: Multiplicaton and Division of Fractions


    Each module is broken into lessons.  We basically follow the lessons in order, so in case of an absence, the lesson can be seen online so as not to fall behind. Just follow the link on my Math Resources page:  https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-5-mathematics
     Students need to complete 1 lesson each week night on Dreambox.  They may struggle, but please don't help them.  The computer program uses data from their struggles to assign lessons to fill in the gaps.  Other homework will mostly be review or to finish what they started in class.  Homework should take no more than 30 min total.   If it takes longer, they are probably struggling and I will help them in class.   The only other homework will be to study for a quiz or test and any assignments unfinished during class or from an absence.
                                          We could use a few paper plates and some toothpicks for our Owl Pellet activity.  Thank you!
    SPECIALS:      ART                                                                                    *Assignments, Lessons, and Assessments may change.
     Day Science Math Social Studies
    Week of 5/6
    Monday  Science story: Telescopes and questions MI Testing U7 L5
    Tuesday  Jeopardy M4 L30 Dividing decimals Quiz U7 L1 and 5
    Wednesday  Quiz: Stars                              Need a T.P. roll for constellation activity M4 L31 Dividing decimals U8 L2


    Star Movement Review Dividing decimals U8 L3

          Friday                 Early Release   

    Star video and questions Quiz: L 30-31 Quiz: U8 L2 and 3