Cheer Expectations:

    • Under no circumstances will any form of hazing be tolerated.    
    • Practices run from Monday- Thursday on campus from 6:15 am- 7:45 am 
    • Spiritline memebers are required to attend ALL basketball games (Home and Away) 
    • Excessive talking and horseplay will not be tolerated 
    • Be prepared to give your best effort every day 
    • No jewelry will be allowed at practice, games, competitions, etc 
    • Leave all distractions outside practice, games, etc 
    • Eat prior to practice and games.

    Practice/Game expectations:

    •  Ready to go by 6:15 am for practice and 3:15 pm for games this means:
      • Hair up- NO bangs
      • Shoes on
      • Jewelry off
      • Water and Gatorade ONLY (NO SODA/COFFEE Etc.)
      • No cell phones (keep them in your bags at all times)
      • NO GUM

     Toe Touch