Welcome to the Constitution Health Center!

    A Message from Nurse Sally:

    Hello everyone, welcome back!  I'm Nurse Sally and I am available by phone and email should you have any questions.  Please contact me if your child has a medical condition.  Immunizations are still required even though we are attending school virtually at this time.  Prior to in-person learning, please pick up paperwork that needs to be filled out for the following conditions: seizures, life-threatening allergies requiring EpiPen, and medication administration.



    These are all reasons to NOT be present at school:

    - Vomiting

    - Diarrhea

    - Fever greater than 100
    - Lice
    - Any communicable disease
    All symptoms must be gone for 24 hours without taking any medications to be considered clear to return to school. Sometimes it is required to have a doctor’s note to be clear to return to school. Most infections are ok to return as long as a child has been on antibiotics for a full 24 hours and they are comfortable enough to be productive in school. Our school district has a “No Nit Policy” pertaining to lice, which means there can be no eggs present on a student’s head in order for them to return to school.

    If a student becomes ill at school there must be a responsible adult available to pick up the child. Please have a back-up plan if you the parent/guardian are not available and reachable by phone.

    Medication Policy

    Any medication, prescription or over the counter, is furnished by the parent/guardian and brought to the nurse by an adult.

    • If it is prescription, it is in its original pharmacy bottle (pharmacies will provide a second container specifically for school), labeled with the child’s name, prescription number, and identification of medication.
    • If it is an over-the-counter medication, it is in its original container also and has been labeled legibly with the child’s name.
    • If the medication is a sample given by the physician, please provide a signed note from the physician telling who the medication if for, the date, and instructions for use.
    • The specific directions for administration such as, date, time and amount to be given, for any of these items must be entered onto the consent for administration form and signed by the parent/guardian.
    • School district personnel will not be responsible or liable for any reaction to medicines given according to those directions.
    • All medication will be kept in a locked cabinet in the nurse’s office and dispensed from there.
    • In the Deer Valley school district, Tums, cough drops and ointments/creams such as Neosporin, are considered medications and need to be kept in the nurse’s office also with a consent form signed.
    • It is the parent responsibility to monitor medication supply and provide additional medication when needed.

    At the end of the need for the medication, any remaining medication needs to be picked up or it will be destroyed within 3 days. Year round medications not picked up within 1 day of the end of the school year will also be destroyed if not picked up by an adult. If these district wide rules are not followed your child/student may be subject to Drug Paraphernalia Possession consequences.

    Parents please feel free to bring in “as needed” medications, such as cough drops and Tylenol, to keep on hand for your child if you so desire.


    Thank You, 

    Nurse Sally