Peoria Chamber of Commerce
    Sierra Verde STEM Academy joined the Peoria Chamber of Commerce this year as part of our school's 3 year Outdoor  Academy initiative.  As our curriculum expands beyond our classroom walls to enhance our student's learning opportunities, our connection to our community also expands through local area business partnerships.  Said Dr. Paula Tseunis, "The Peoria Chamber of Commerce is most closely involved in our geographic area and has been instrumental in getting us started on growing our partnerships with our community so that we can all thrive together."  By communicating SV campus needs to its members, the Peoria Chamber has connected Sierra Verde to sponsors and conducted the ribbon cutting for the desert tortoise habitat.
    Inspired by Sierra Verde's first 6 months of success, the Peoria Chamber has launched a city wide initiative called Linking Leaders and Learners.  Don Arbuckle, Peoria Chamber of Commerce Member Relationship Manager, explains, "Linking Leaders and Learners is a Chamber led program that facilitates local businesses connecting with our local schools to support students through guest speaker programs, workshops, mentoring, donating resources to key campus projects, etc.  The participating schools can then showcase their partner businesses to their families so that each community can support the businesses that invest in its children." So far, 5 other Deer Valley schools have joined the Peoria Chamber and are using Chamber resources to boost support on school campuses to benefit our community's future employees -the students. 
    "Sierra Verde's partnership with the Peoria Chamber of Commerce will heighten awareness of present and future job needs, increase the quality of education and our entire community's economic well-being, as well as create opportunities for our children in the future." said Dr. Tseunis.  "Thanks to the Peoria Chamber, we have already begun partnerships with new companies in our area and look forward to growing this list as we move forward to our next Sierra Verde Outdoor Academy STEM project - shade structures and science tables."
    Peoria Chamber of Commerce Peoria Chamber of Commerce 
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