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    The Sierra Verde Outdoor Academy 3-year initiative is on target with its first quarter of activities resulting in the completion of the desert tortoise habitat!  The 8th grade first quarter STEM class worked diligently to research, fund and work hands-on to see that Sheldon had a great new home as a Sierra Verde Viper.  Tierra Madre Landscaping Company not only donated time and expertise, materials and consulting, but they also sent us Rebecca Senior, a certified arborist, to speak to our 8th grade STEM students on the best plants and environmental elements to include in the habitat.  Tierra Madre Landscape Services, a licensed, full service maintenance company, has been providing community and commercial landscaping services to Arizona since 1995.  Donna Wood, owner of Tierra Madre Landscaping Service, and avid "tree hugger" said, "Any way we can help to instill a passion for nature in our next generation is something our compnay wants to be involved in for the long term."
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