Arrowhead Martial Arts
    Master Tippett of Arrowhead Martial Arts is no stranger to Sierra Verde STEM Academy.  Many of our students have been learning character development and self defense from his studio for years.  But this year, Dr. Tseunis and Master Tippett have begun a new program on campus that brings his expertise and guidance to our students and staff weekly.  The Martial Arts lunch bunch is a group of students that benefit from discussing how to navigate tough situations that come up in all our lives with the best outcomes and respect.  "Developing kids' character as they face typical daily social and emotional situations helps build a better community and future for all of us.  By utilizing the principles of respect from martial arts, we can give our kids the tools they need to make good decisions throughout life," said Master Tippett.  Dr. Tseunis and Master Tippett also have a Stranger Danger class planned for kids, parents and staff this year.  Look for details in upcoming newsletters.
    Arrowhead Martial Arts Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy
    20165 N. 67th Avenue # 120 ~ Glendale, AZ 85308