• BCHS Electronic Tablet Information
    Student Email Address
    • All students have a school email address: username@learner.dvusd.org
    Accessing Google Drive

    Students can access their DVUSD Google Accounts by going to Google and logging in with their district email (Gmail) and student ID.

    1. Go to Google (https://myaccount.google.com) or use the shortcut on the DVUSD Start Page (http://start.dvusd.org)
    2. Click Sign In
    3. Students will enter their DVUSD Email (Gmail) (first letter of first name, first letter of middle name, first 3 letters of last name, last 3 numbers of student ID number, @learner.dvusd.org)
      SAMPLE: Ivan Mark Smarte      ID Number 123456      Email would be imsma456@learner.dvusd.org
    4. Students will enter their student ID as their password.
    Saving to the Google Drive

    Students are encouraged to use their Google Drive storage instead of the district server storage. Students have unlimited storage space on their Google Drive.

    1. In the upper right corner, students can click on the Apps Icon (which looks like a grid or waffle).
    2. Click on the Drive icon (looks like a triangle)
    3. My Drive has the items created by the students.
    4. If a student clicks on “Shared With Me” in the left menu bar, they will see items shared with them by others.
    Resetting your Chromebooks
    Powerwash your Chromebooks (when all else fails)
    Caring for your Tablet
    Technology User Agreement
     Common Chromebook Issues
    Getting Additional Help
    Fill out a BCHS Help Ticket