•                   Highland Lakes Renaissance

                                    7th Grade 

    Mrs. Crabtree
    Mr. Shoop
    Room 308 
    AZSEF Clinics will be held in room 308 for Renaissance students to give direction , pass out and explain rubrics, and provide research time and guidance. The clinic runs every Tuesday trough Thursday 3:30 - 5:30.
    ISEF rules state that in order for the students to enter the State Science and Engineering Fair, students must place first in their category in a school district or regional  fair that follow ISEF rules.
    Our Science fair will follow ISEF guidelines. Judges are  Midwestern University faculty and students. Our projects are due for judging
    February 22, 2017 at 9 am. 
    This is our 4th year going to the AZSEF. With 1 winner our first year , three our second year and 6 winners last year.
    January 25, 2017: Tri-fold board set up
    Address rubrics for journal writing, citing sources, informed consent letters to parents and/or human subjects. 
    Time given to research 1 hour 
    January 26, 2017:  Addressing bias in experimental design, research, and reporting.  https://explorable.com/research-bias 
    Time given to research 1 hour 45 minutes.
    2017 AzSEF Results:
    The following students earned eligibility to enter the AzSEF. Highland Lakes had 47 projects entered from our Renaissance Gifted program. There were twelve category to enter in and we have a winner in each of eleven categories.
    AS- Animal Sci - Olivia Fermani, Taylor Anfinson
    BE- Behavioral Sci - Gabby Drake, Emma Hoehn
    MA- Mathematical Sci - Aiden Bowers
    CH -Chemistry - Justin Ritter
    EA- Earth and Planetary Sci - No Entries
    EE- Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering Ethan Donahey
     EN- Engineering / Bioengineering Strider Johnston
     EV- Environmental Engineering - Lauren Aoyama, Amber Chisholm, Grace Xu.
    ME- Medicine and Health Sci - Alyssa Cathey, Kaitlin Fisher, Caprice Kalvelage
    PH- Physics and Astronomy - Weiss O'Connor
    PS- Plant Sci
    CB- Cellular / Molecular Biology - Lexi Rannoe