• Hello Bobcat Families!

    We approach our third year with another substantial bump in enrollment. Our AZ Merit data indicates strong academic achievement in most grade levels and in both content areas, but in particular spectacular results in math. I attribute this to outstanding teacher practices, a comprehensive math foundation from our primary teachers and strong support from our district math coaches. We will know soon what our letter grade will be.

    We are asking parents for input now and throughout the year to ensure we continue on the path of seeking information from various stakeholders. This year we are implementing a program promoting positive character traits, All Things EQ. It has a strong parent component and we hope you will view the weekly messages to reinforce the traits we are emphasizing. We are hoping some of our parents will be willing teach a short lesson in their child’s class. If you have not received information on accessing the weekly video, please let your child’s teacher know.

    We added new staff members in grades fifth, third, kindergarten, and choir. Again we were able to hire stellar teachers and continue to have a mix of veteran and beginning teachers. It is my belief that this combination adds to vibrant staff dynamics.

    Thank you for your participation in building a healthy, happy culture at Sonoran Foothills and I hope you have elected to be involved in PTSA as well. We have great leadership in this organization as they work to ensure our school has numerous academic supports that we would not otherwise have. Additionally PTSA offers lots of fun family activities throughout the year. We are grateful for the generosity of this community.

    We will continue with our vision for a KIDS FIRST school. We welcome your insights and suggestions as we strive to improve our school for the benefit of your children. Here's to another great year!


    Sharon Matt