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Sonoran Foothills


FIND it Fast

Hello Bobcat Families!

We approach our second year with great anticipation. Our staff members, our students and our parents enabled us to create an outstanding learning environment for all students.  We can always improve but in summation, it was a terrific year.  Our data indicated our students are happy and feel hopeful at this school (2015 Gallup Poll results in grades 5 thru 7).  Parent surveys indicate a major proponent of parents are pleased with the school environment.  We grew by nearly 200 students and have a number of students who applied for and were granted open enrollment status. We added new staff members in grades seventh, eighth, kindergarten, first, second, third and sixth.  Again we were able to hire stellar teachers and continue to have a mix of veteran and young teachers.  It is my belief that this combination adds to vibrant staff dynamics.

Thank you for your participation in building a healthy culture at Sonoran Foothills and I hope you have elected to be involved in PTSA as well.  We have great leadership in this organization as they work to ensure our school is a living entity with fun activities that support our students and staff.  We were able to purchase a number of technology programs for our student population and increase our student technology due to the efforts of PTSA projects.  We are grateful for the generosity of this community.  Teachers who have come from other schools are overwhelmed by the supportive relationships that exist among staff members and with parents. 

Our AZ Merit results are terrific.  We were the top K-8 school for student proficiency rates and our seventh graders scored the highest in the entire district.  And we bought no test prep programs- just solid and relevant instruction.

We will continue with our vision for a KIDS FIRST school.  We welcome your insights and suggestions as we strive to improve our school for the benefit of your children.  Here’s to another great year!


Sharon Matt