Register My Athlete

    All physical packets will be done online at Register My Athlete.  This is the same site that the high schools use.  Parents will need to have their student athletes registered on this site before they can try out.  The four AIA physical pages for the doctor are below and will be available next school year in the front office.  These forms can be uploaded to Register My Athlete.  


    Register My Athlete Parent Presentation (PDF Form)


    2024-2025 AIA athletic physical forms (For your doctor)


    Register My Athlete


                  Register My Athlete QR code 

    You can scan the code below to access Register

    My Athlete from you phone or tablet. 


    Register My Athlete QR  code


    A Brainbook Concussion Certificate must be on file at the school- This is an online course that must be completed prior to any participation.  Directions for taking the course can be found at the address below. 

    1. Go to this site:

    2. Register as a Student
    3. Enter Demographic information -
    4. Select sport this season and any season in the future - remember to include all future sports
    5. Complete the course, don't skip anything. You must have 80% to pass.
    6. Print the certificate and bring it to Athletic Department - Bring it to Mr. Booth
    7. 7-8 athletes will select the High School you will be going to in the future.
    8. Age selection for 7-8 athletes would be the lowest age available to select.