• Students have the ability to retake or redo and Assignment, Quiz or Test.
    My ultimate goal as a teacher is to make successful mathematicians. Maybe we had a bad day or did not understand the material at first, but that does not mean we can't. Students should have the opportunity to show mastery which is why I allow all students to redo or retake after showing what they did to improve.
    Daily Assignments:
    Students can redo any missed problems on a daily assignment, they just need to redo them on a separate sheet of paper and attach them to the original. They can also turn in any late work, but I would like to encourage them not to wait too long. Homework is meant as practice for the students, and if they are not completing this on time, then they are probably missing portions of practice before tests or quizzes. This will likely affect the score on their tests or quizzes.
    Tests or Quizzes:
    Students can also redo any test or quiz. They will have two weeks from the day the test was graded. Before they have this opportunity, students must get a retake request form, and then do three things to improve. The first item is always test corrections. They are to correct them on the yellow paper I provide along with the retake request. (Do not erase answers on the original test or quiz) After they have done corrections then students need to complete two more activities that will help improve. Below is a list of those activities they can choose from. If they have another idea for an activity, they they just need to get approval from me. 
    Items Students Can do To Improve
    Work with Mrs. Beeman after school or at lunch
     Exit Tickets Similar to the Problems missed on the tests
    Corrections on Homework Problems Similar to those missed on the test
    Parent created practice problems similar to those missed on the test