• What is NEHS:

    NEHS stands for National Elementary Honor Society. NEHS promotes the four pillars of scholarship, responsibility, service, and leadership

    What is the criteria?

    • Maintain a 3.75 or higher which means straight A’s or one B is allowed
    • Must demonstrate excellent character and get positive staff recommendations

    Volunteer Hours:

    • Each member commits to doing at minimum 2 hours of community service quarterly, which equals 8 or more hours for the school year. 
      • Our group this year has volunteered in the following ways:
        •  Reading with first graders
        •  BCHS soccer ball manager 
        •  DC Kindergarten Night volunteer
        •  Ringing a Bell for the Salvation Army at Fry’s
        •  Making snack baskets for Daisy Mountain Fire Department 
        •  Dog sitting or babysitting - unpaid
        • Hat day/fundraiser help
        • Helped organize books in classroom/library

    Things we have done this year are:

    • National Cotton Candy Day
    • NEHS Holiday Party for members
    • Ringing the Bell for the Salvation Army at Anthem Fry’s
    • Gift Exchange
    • Monthly Appreciation Cards for DC staff
    • Kinder Night Helpers
    • Hat Day Helpers

    Application process is:

    • Application process is:

      • Go online to the NEHS website under activities on our DC website - click on the application link
      • A few things to note are: You write an essay WHY you want to be in NEHS and fill out details about your leadership or involvement within the community.
      • You will submit two staff names to have a reference sent regarding your behavior and grades to verify you are a candidate that exhibits leadership, scholarship, service, etc.
      • Applications are due: April 28th at 4pm
      • Will be notified if you were selected for NEHS May 5th.
      • Induction will take place Monday, May 13th. 

    We hope you consider joining our leadership group. If you have any questions, please ask or find a NEHS member or contact the advisor, Jennifer.Weston@dvusd.org 24 hours PRIOR to the deadline.