• Summer Fall Institute
    Grand Canyon University
    July 2016
    It was an incredible opportunity for Roan and Priya to collaborate with other CSOs and mentors from all over the state.The parents were invited on the last session for the CSOs science demonstration. Their parents were very impressed of the program and could not thank SF enough for choosing their kids to be ambassadors of STEM at our campus. Roan and Priya will meet with you to share their action plans for SF.

     The following were some of the highlights at the Institute:
     Day 1
    •  CSOs were introduced to their roles and responsibilities as CSO.
    •  Team building exercises.
    •  Physics Factory- Session on Physical and Science activities.
    •  Vision- CSOs wrote their vision and personal statement for making CSO as part of their journey.
    •  Networking-Students participated in ambassador, networking and interpersonal communications training selling themselves as their school's CSO ambassador
    • Introduction to Canvas- They were given training on how to collaborate and stay in contact with their peers on canvas.
    • Scitech Explorations-CSO's practiced their presentations to one another while the mentors provide guidance and feedback.
    • Action Plan- 1st year CSOs learned from 2nd Year CSO's how to have an effective school program that promotes STEM/STEAM.
    • STEAM Machines- CSOs experienced engineering design and built team rapport by creating their own 3 Phase Rube Goldberg Machines.
    Day 2
    • How to Panel-CSOs had an opportunity to be STEM ambassadors in various public forum through the help of 2nd year CSOs.
    • Imagineering- CSOs engaged in hands-on artistic activity with the help of a former Disney Imagineer.
    • Communicating your story- CSOs created an elevator pitch, and a personal message to share as CSOs.
    • Survival Skills- CSOs learned about what it takes to be an effective STEM ambassador from the 2nd year CSOs.
    2 Guest Speaker: Trina Helquist (aka "Rocket Heels" from orbital ATK)
                                 Rob Witwer -Honeywell Aerospace VP of Advance Technology
    Day 3
    • Technology Innovation- CSOs rotate through innovative technology stations from local community and industry partners: ITSA ( Vitual Reality, 3-D Scanning and printing, Google Cardboard VR Viewer)
    • Canvas- CSOs used what they learned in Communicating your story session to create their blog and on-campus action plan into Canvas.
    Guest Speaker: Megan Smith US Chief Technology Officer Assistant to the President:)
    -Mrs. Cawley