• Az Scitech Festival Kick Off 
    September 15, 2016
    Just an update on the recent field trip for the CSOs. It was great to see Roan and Priya become independent on that day, they were networking with other CSOs and exhibitors. They know the programs that interest them and would collaborate to the presenters on their own.
    There were about 60 exhibitors (STEAM related) that Roan and Priya were able to network with along with the other CSOs. The networking activity have given the students samples of activities and exhibits to feature in our STEAM Night which we plan to have before the end of the school year.
    Went to the following Conference Sessions: -Drones and autonomous Vehicles: They learned about the fascinating new possibilities and products does the drones enable, and what pitfalls do we need to be sure to avoid? -STEAM is Hot Literally : Learned about some of the hottest examples of the integration of the past, present and future of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM) happening in the Valley.
    Arizona's Got Talent: Teams performed and showcased their STEM talent. Unfortunately we were not able to enter into this but we will make sure to do it next year. Sierra Verde's students had an amazing talent they showcased.
    Key Note Speaker: Roan, Priya and myself were able to get up close and personal with STEM Journal Actor Mr. Geoff Notkin. His work has been part of my STEM class since 2013 and it was a dream come true for me to meet him in person.He even signed a poster for the Bobcat school:)
    -Mrs. Cawley