• Why?

    To Support Socio-Emotional Needs

    Many people wonder why children with exceptional ability would require additional services and supports in order to succeed. "If they are so gifted" the thinking goes, "they ought to be able to figure out what is expected of them". In many cases, gifted children are quite able to master what is expected of them in the traditional classroom but feel so unchallenged by that feat or so limited by it that they become bored or frustrated, with subsequent negative effects, including self-esteem difficulties and a loss of motivation. In order to best develop confidence and positive self-esteem, children need to be able to meet and overcome appropriately pitched challenges and difficulties. Gifted students who are not challenged by the material in a traditional classroom often develop poor self-esteem, or overly-inflated self-esteem. They may also act out, use alcohol or drugs as they get older to "fit in", or otherwise make destructive behavioral choices. Gifted and talented educational programming provides these students with tailored challenges sufficient to foster rather than dull their abilities...

     Why Are Gifted Programs Needed?

     According to a recent report on high-achieving students, more than 7 in 10 teachers of these students surveyed noted that their brightest students were not challenged or given a chance to “thrive” in their classrooms. ..

     Why Self Contained Classes are best for some students

    Giftedness is not just acceleration. Giftedness affects the whole child. A teacher trained in understanding giftedness will be both empathetic and adept at reaching the gifted child in all areas of their development, not just their academics...

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