• Ratios – “I Can” Statements


    Performance Levels

    4 - Demonstrates Proficiency Independent of Lesson

    3 - Demonstrates Proficiency


    2 - Demonstrates Proficiency with Some Support

    1 - Can Not Demonstrate Proficiency


    Key Vocabulary: double number line diagram, equivalent ratios, meters per second, per, ratio, same rate, table, tape diagram, unit price


    ____ I can describe the relationship between two quantities as a ratio. 6.RP.1

    ____ I can use unit rate to compare a quantity in terms of one unit of another quantity.      6.RP.2

    ____ I can solve real-world problems involving ratio and rate reasoning by using various diagrams. 6.RP.3

    ____ I can plot ratios from a ratio table to show a relationship on a coordinate plane. 6.RP.3a

    ____ I can solve unit rate problems in a real-world context including unit pricing and constant speed. 6.RP.3b