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     This web-page is intended to provide information on gifted funding in the state of Arizona.
    A new bill has been introduced to restore gifted funding in the state of Arizona for the next school year. Until last year, the state has provided no funding for gifted services and programs since 2018. This has limited what schools and districts are able to provide for our gifted learners. Last year Deer Vally was awarded $24,000 as part of the one year Gifted Funding Grant. This money was only for the 2018-19 school year.
    The Arizona Association of Gifted & Talented as been advocating for the restoration of funding for several years now. They are trying to have the funds continue by passing a bill currently in the legislature.
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    May 30, 2019


    PHOENIX, ARIZONA- Arizona is home to 89,000 identified gifted and talented students. For the past four years, parents, teachers, students, and community advocates from across the state have shared their stories with legislators of why funding gifted education is important. Gifted students are found in all populations and demographics in every corner of the state. And yet many students with the most potential are not even being identified, let alone being given challenging curriculum and instruction by highly qualified teachers. Typical of gifted students, six-year-old Ayden came to the Capitol this spring to testify to the lack of challenge in his kindergarten classroom. He was barely able to see over the podium, but boldly told legislators that “when the teacher is doing something I already know, I fall asleep or find something else to do.” Like all students, gifted learners are dependent on their teachers and school to meet their unique learning differences.


    “Gifted education was one of many worthy programs cut during the Great Recession,” says Julie Gunnigle, President of the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented. “While many of these programs were restored, gifted education has languished as an unfunded or partially funded mandate in our state. We are so grateful to Senator Heather Carter, Senator Kate Brophy McGee, Senator Sean Bowie, and Representative Jennifer Pawlik, who sponsored and championed legislation in 2019, that would have fully-funded gifted education.”


    Ultimately, gifted education was funded at $1 million dollars for the coming fiscal year, less than a fifth of full-funding, but better than the total elimination of funding in early drafts of the budget. “You’d be amazed with what districts can do to serve gifted students with this money,” said AAGT Advocacy Chairwoman Donna Campbell. “Even with partial funding, we have seen districts that had never served gifted students creating programs. We seen schools funding robotics leagues, purchasing new technology, and providing summer schools for underserved gifted students. It has revitalized gifted in our state and created hope for many parents searching for the right educational fit for their students. But there is so much more to do.”


    “Gifted education in every school should not be optional. Dedicated funding is need to ensure an education commensurate with the abilities and potential of the gifted learner. Our advocacy efforts will continue through future legislative sessions until gifted is fully-funded,” said Ms. Campbell. “Never underestimate the grit and tenacity of our gifted students.”


    Contact: Julie Gunnigle, (480)266-0129, jgunnigle@azgifted.com


    MAY 22nd 2019



    Gifted education is not funded in the current budget. We need your help to change that. 


    Step One: 

    Start an email with the subject: Support gifted education funding or Now is the time to support gifted education!


    Step Two: 

    Choose from one of these messages or write one of your own. Just do it with enthusiasm!

    From a parent perspective:

    As a parent, I cannot find any schooling options that suit my child. There is no consistency in the schools and what each does for a gifted student. For example…

    As a parent, I find very few qualified teachers who understand and have the skills to teach my child at the level commensurate with his/her abilities. For example…

    As a parent, I am unsure of what to do to help my child who is not challenged at school, does not have friends and is causing trouble. For example…


    From an educator perspective:

    As a teacher, I need training on recognizing gifted student behaviors to recommend them for testing.

    As a teacher, I need training on how to differentiate my curriculum and instruction to meet my gifted students’ abilities as well as up the level of instruction for all my students. For example….

    As a teacher, I need help identifying appropriate enrichment opportunities for my students. For example, I have a student highly interested in….

    As a teacher, I need training and support with the social and emotional issues unique to gifted students. For example….

    As an administrator in a district or school, I need support in setting up or expanding our gifted program. For example…

    As an administrator, I need funds for more up to date identification tools. This is because…

    As an administrator, I need funds for training for my teachers. This is important because….


    From a business, community perspective:

    As a business owner or community supporter, I am concerned that we are not properly preparing our most capable students to be able to seek higher educational opportunities.

    As a business owner or community supporter, I am concerned we are diminishing the potential of having highly qualified and educated home grown students to fill high level careers in the future.

    As a business owner or community supporter, I am concerned that we are not investing in the intellectual capital we have right here in our state.


    Step Three: Bcc and send to the following legislators ASAP. 


















    Please speak to your friends, family, teachers, and administrators to support gifted education by contacting their State Legislators. Follow AAGT on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all gifted issues in Arizona.


    Please contact your legislators immediately!

    May 7, 2019

    Community Action Network


    “Effort is one of those things that gives meaning to life. Effort means you care about something, it is important to you, and you are willing to work for it.” Carol Dweck


    It's budget time! The good news is that your efforts to contact Legislators are working. The number of people who contact Legislators builds a movement that says "gifted education is too important to ignore."

    As we approach the end of this legislative session we need one final push to make sure that gifted education is in the 2019-2020 budget. Would you please write your legislators and let them know how important it is to provide appropriately challenging curriculum and instruction for gifted students?

    Fully-funding gifted education means:

    -students can progress along their learning journey swiftly and purposefully

    -students are working at a level consistent with their ability and potential

    -students do not have to wait for others to “catch up”

    -students do not have to find other ways to occupy their minds when instruction is too easy

    -students are engaged in meaningful learning experiences that capture their interest

    Which one of these sparks a story about a gifted student to you?


    Emailing your representatives is easy!

    Step 1: Subject of email: Why gifted education is important

    Step 2: ASK- “Will you stand up for gifted education and support the $5 million in ongoing dedicated funding for gifted education? Tell them why gifted education matters. It need not be long; a short note gets the job done.

    Step 3: Blind carbon copy (bcc:) the list of senate and house leadership below.


    Legislators to contact:
















    Please speak to your friends, family, teachers, and administrators to support gifted education by contacting their State Legislators. Follow AAGT on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all gifted issues in Arizona.