• Our Chief Science Officers Roan & Priya, participated at an all day CSO Cabinet meeting on February 28th at Aerospace Honeywell Hangar Deer Valley Airport. This event was hosted by Honeywell where they were given a great opportunity to forge Industry Connections, met Aerospace STEM Career professionals, and learned about Honeywell innovative products. 

    CSOs were also given the opportunity to interface with Honeywell professionals, pilots and engineers and learn about Honeywell Aerospace Technology and Careers such as: 3-D Printing,  Additive Manufacturing, Auxiliary Power Units, Cockpit Displays, Flight Apps for Pilots, Jet Engines, Paper Plane Design and Flight, Quality Control and Virtual Reality – Flying a Plane.
    Roan and Priya had the chance to meet the Keynote Speaker - Pilot Kiah Erlich who is a Honeywell leader that’s following her passion for aviation, and making major advancements for in-flight services along the way.
    In the afternoon, CSOs had the time to reconvene in teams from Oct. CSO Capitol Summit to develop a plan to share information with peers at school. They created a 3D road map that defines the end, destination, and contains individualized puzzle pieces that represent CSO roles and multiple symbols representing external supports needed for successful implementation.
    This is our 1st year to have the Chief Science Officer Program at SF and we are learning a lot in structuring and implementing action plans that will empower our youth in STEM.
    As an educator, I also had the opportunity to participate in focus groups with parents to evaluate the program performance -What's working and what are the areas of improvement. 
    -Mrs. Cawley