Early Childhood

  • Deer Valley Unified School District offers many services for children aged 3-5 years old who may be experiencing difficulties in the area of language, social/emotional, motor/perceptual and cognitive development.


    Developmental Preschool

    Deer Valley Early Childhood Department provides inclusive preschool classrooms for children aged three to five years old (student must turn five after September 1st). Each classroom provides supports and services for both typically developing children, as well as, those children who have been identified as having special needs. Each classroom is staffed with a certified Early Childhood Special Education Teacher and two paraprofessionals.  There are two preschool sessions daily, which last  2.5 hours and run Monday through Thursday.

    The Early Childhood staff strive to provide each child with a unique educational experience, by individualizing the instruction for various learning styles and providing developmentally appropriate activities.  Therapy services for those children who are eligible include, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and vision/hearing services for those students who require this service.

    Every Developmental Preschool classroom focuses on the following areas:

    • Pre-academic skills
    • Positive social interactions
    • Opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills
    • Problem solving strategies
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Decision making skills
    • Exposure to learning communities within the classroom
    • Increased language skills
    • Fostering of curiosity and love of learning


    Early Childhood Screening Dates


    Map of Preschool Locations


    Developmental Preschool Parent Handbook


    What Is A Preschool Delay?


    State and Federal Intervention Services

    AZEIP- Children ages birth to 3 years of age

    Division of Developmental Disabilities- ages 3 years and up


    Head Start

    Head Start is a Federal and State funded preschool program. The Deer Valley Unified School District offers Head Start programs at several elementary sites within the district boundaries. There is no charge for Head Start preschool services for eligible families.


    Who is Eligible

    Low income families with children who are 4 years of age before September 1st and who reside in the boundaries of the Deer Valley School District may be eligible. Children aged 3 are accepted if no eligible 4 year olds are currently waiting for services. The priorities are as follows:

    • Children referred by Deer Valley Unified School District for special services
    • 10% enrollment
    • Families who meet or earn less than the 2016 Federal Family Income Guidelines as follows:


    Family Size                   Yearly Gross Income

    1                                   $12,490

    2                                   $16,910

    3                                   $21,330

    4                                   $25,750

    5                                   $30,170

    6                                   $34,590

    7                                   $39,010

    8                                   $43,430

    * For Families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,180 for each additional person

    * Additional risk factors are considered on a case by case basis


    How do I apply for Head Start services?

    You may apply for Head Start at the locations listed below or by calling the District Head Start office at 623-445-4991


    Deer Valley Head Start School Locations

    Constitution Elementary School
    18440 N. 15th Ave

    Village Meadows Elementary School
    2020 W. Morningside Dr.

    Esperanza Elementary School
    251 W. Mohawk

    Sunrise Elementary School
    17624 N. 31st Ave.


    Head Start Parent Handbook