• The following is a list of New River School staff, their web addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
    To call somebody directly, you will first dial (623) 376- and then the listed extension below.
    Please be advised, if you are calling a classroom teacher during school hours, your call will go directly to voice mail,. If it is an urgent issue, please call the front office at x3504 or x3505.
Name Title Phone Extension Email
Balsamo, Michele 5th Grade Teacher x3548 Michele.Balsamo@dvusd.org
Brandell, Lesli 3rd Grade Teacher x3501 Lesli.Brandell@dvusd.org
Clover, Kim 4th Grade Teacher x3551 Kim.Clover@dvusd.org
Davis, Heather 5th Grade Teacher x3550 Heather.Davis@dvusd.org
Ellis, Wendy 6th Grade Teacher x3524 Wendy.Ellis@dvusd.org
Hancock, Lisa Special Education Teacher x3538 Lisa.Hancock@dvusd.org
Humble, Kristen Gifted Teacher x3539 Kristen.Humble@dvusd.org
Livingston, Kimberly 6th Grade Teacher x3549 Kimberly.Livingston@dvusd.org
Maggiora, April Speech Language Pathologist x3522 April.Maggiora@dvusd.org
Martin, Brandi Kindergarten Teacher x3531 Brandi.Martin@dvusd.org
Martinez, Lindsey Special Education Strategist x3594 Lindsey.Martinez@dvusd.org
McGlaughlin, Sean Psychologist x3520 Sean.McGlaughlin@dvusd.org
Medina, Michael Art Teacher x3542 Michael.Medina@dvusd.org
Moller, Heather Kindergarten x3536 Heather.Moller@dvusd.org
Paulsen, Cheryl 1st Grade Teacher x3530 Cheryl.Paulsen@dvusd.org
Peper, Stella Physical Education Teacher x3556 Stella.Peper@dvusd.org
Reed, Sharon Special Education Teacher x3540 Sharon.Reed@dvusd.org
Rutan, Sheila 2nd Grade Teacher x3529 Sheila.Rutan@dvusd.org
Sponholz, Anna Library Clerk x3513 Anna.Sponholz@dvusd.org
Stanford, Jordan Band/Music Teacher x3543 Jordan.Stanford@dvusd.org
Stivers, Kenna Special Education Teacher x3445 Kenna.Stivers@dvusd.org
VanZwol, Sally Reading Specialist x3533 Sally.Vanzwol@dvusd.org
Ward, Paula 3rd Grade Teacher x3535 Paula.Ward@dvusd.org
Washburn, Alexandra 1st Grade Teacher x3532 Alexandra.Washburn@dvusd.org