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    Alumni of Mountain Ridge's Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences Program

    • Enrolled in a variety of degree programs
    • Many are erolled in Honors Colleges
    • Have obtained jobs in on campus labs


    Feedback from Alumni

    • I'm so thankful that we worked a bunch with LoggerPro in Biomed because that's literally all we use in Chem lab here at the UA. Honestly, the labs we did in your class really benefitted me because the Chem labs aren't as daunting since I'm used to intricate procedure steps and such from Biomed.

       -Jasmine K, MRHS Class of 2016, current University of Arizona, Physiology major; Psychology minor


    • The University of Arizona's Chemistry labs consist of long and intricate labs that utilize LoggerPro (a computer program), micropipettes, weighing scales, and titration systems. In MCB181R (Biology 1), we are learning about E coli growth in response to different antibiotics, gel electrophoresis, PCR, and plasmid vectors. Thankfully, these are all things I had already been exposed to in Mountain Ridge's Biomedical Sciences program. Without having to worry about learning the proper technique for micropipettes and how to use LoggerPro, I was able to work through my labs more efficiently because those tools are now second nature to me. I'm looking forward to using more of the knowledge I gained from Biomedical Sciences in my future classes such as Physiology, Biology 2, etc.

      -Jasmine K, MRHS Class of 2016; Current University of Arizona Student Majoring in Physiology and minoring in Psychology

    • It's been incredibly helpful to me to have the expertise with labs that I gained from the biomed program. The extensive lab training in the biomed program has truly allowed me to be well prepared for labs in college. The extensive research done about career paths has allowed me to have a clearer idea of my path through college. Additionally, the project-based learning, especially in the final year of the program, allowed me to be incredibly well suited for lab positions at the UA and an attractive applicant for research projects. My participation in HOSA as an officer and in competitions has allowed me to be a participant in the Bio/Diversity Project internship at the UA and a successful educator to my students in that Project.  
      • Lauren O, MRHS Class of 2016, currently enrolled at University of Arizona


    • A lot of the topics and techniques we learned in the biomed course have helped immensely! Knowing about cells, molecules like carbohydrates and lipids, and bacteria is all content that has come up in my biology course. In lab, we've had to pipette and understand electrophoresis which we had plenty of experience with during the biomed course and so that was helpful. Even things like pGLO have come up in both my biology and biomedical engineering courses. Previously I was majoring in biomedical engineering and having the experience of product design and having to do many presentations in biomed was especially useful in those courses.
      • Maria H, MRHS Class of 2016; currently enrolled at Arizona State University