• Area and Surface Area – “I Can” Statements (Unit 1)

    Performance Levels

    4 - Demonstrates Proficiency Independent of Lesson

    3 - Demonstrates Proficiency


    2 - Demonstrates Proficiency with Some Support


    1 - Can Not Demonstrate Proficiency


    Key Vocabulary:

    area, base/height of a parallelogram, base/height of a triangle, compose, cube of a number, decompose, edge, enclose and subtract, exponent, face, net, opposite vertex, parallelogram, polygon, polyhedron (polyhedra), prism, pyramid, quadrilateral, rearrange, region, side, square of a number, surface area, vertex (vertices)             

    ____ I can compose or decompose figures into rectangles and triangles to find area. 6.G.1

    ____ I can find the volume of a right rectangular prism either by using the formula for volume or by packing with unit cubes through modeling. 6.G.2

    ____ I can show 3-dimensional figures using nets of the figures and find the surface area of the figures by using the nets.   6.G.4

    ____ I can evaluate expressions involving exponents. 6.EE.1

    ____ I can read algebraic expressions and evaluate expressions in which letters stand for numbers. 6.EE.2

    ____ I can translate an expression in word form into algebraic form. 6.EE.2a

    ____ I can substitute a variable with a specific value and then evaluate the expression applying the order of operations correctly. 6.EE.2c