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       - Arrange for your school or organizations preferred payment methods

    - Determine the best delivery optinos for you

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Delivery Options

  • We offer several delivery options for your convenience!


    -Graphics Delivery

    - UPS Delivery to your location

    - In Person Pick-Up


    When setting up your account we will arrange the best delivery option for your school or organization.

DVUSD Employees


    We want to make sure you understand how to order the materials you need. 


    If you are ordering Reading Street, Eureka Math, Foss, and other district approved curriculum, you will log in to the Digital Printshop and browse the options to select the materials you need. 


    If you have specially prepared lessons or other materials not available on the site, please see your school’s accounting clerk for approval and to get the required accounting code.  If you need help filling out the work order for these additional materials, the accounting clerk will be able to assist you.




    If you are ordering district forms or office related materials (business cards, letter head, report card envelopes, extra duty pay forms, AZ health records, etc.), log in to the Digital Printshop and browse the options to select the materials.  These will require an accounting code which can be entered in the PO field at checkout (or in the Job Name field if the PO field is unavailable).

    All other materials not available on the site (brochures, leaflets, posters, promotional materials, etc.) will require a work order.  If you need help filling out the work order, please let us know.



    You can find the work order on the portal by clicking Departments > Fiscal & Business Services > Graphic Communications.  You will see the heading Placing a Work Order.  Click the link to the form and save it to your computer.  Fill it out (you may need to save it as a .pdf to edit it).  Then re-save it with the name of the job for your records.  Send the completed work order and the files you need printed in an email to graphic.communications@dvusd.org.


    Please contact us if you need further assistance.


  • What Our Customers Say About Us: 

     "Thank you for your service!  I love being able to hit the reorder button!  What your team does saves teachers hours!  THANK YOU !!!!!!!!"  Shannon B.  ~New River 

    "Thanks for taking care of our printing needs. You have a huge job and are appreciated!"  

    Deb C. ~Gavilan Peak