The Scientists: A History of Science Told Through The Lives of  Its Greatest Inventors
    By John Gribbin
    This book is a study in the history and narture of science. Although it is not meant to be, nor is it used as, a definitive or authoritative source, it gives students of science enough historical background
    of those who are involved with the many and diverse science concepts and discoveries and what drove their discoveries and the technologcal developments that grew out of thier endevors.
    It is divided into books and each book into chapters.
    For our studies in Astronomy, students should read;
    Book One : Out of The Dark Ages
    Book Two: The Founding Fathers
    Book Four The Big Picture; Chapter11  Let there be light.
    As we move into 8th grade curriculum, I will be assigning chapters as needed to continue to support the learning and understanding of the history and nature of science.